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All versions of the app allow a Music Therapist to administer a playlist for the patient to be then used by care givers, family members or themselves.  The playlist is stored in the could and when changes are made all persons using the play list as therapy are instantly updated.  Available 2020.

Single Patient App

This app is designed for a single patient who wants to participate in music therapy.  This app can be used in conjunction with a music therapist or caregiver for at home care.  This version also targets baby boomers who want to pick a meaningful mix of songs and include the playlist in future care directives which the app allows.

Caregiver & Small Facility
Pro Version

This version allows a caregiver or facility to include up to 10 patient profiles in a single nursing home facility.  The patient playlists can be exchanged between caregivers, family members & music therapists that have other versions of the app.

Music Therapist & Large Facility Pro Version

This version allows a Music Therapist or large facility to include all patients receiving music therapy in one app.  This version allows individual patient playlists to also be exchanged between caregivers and families members using other versions of the app.


Single Patient App

This is perfect for caregivers or family to use when tending to a single patient or when a person wants to create their personal care directive.  It's designed to be able to give on the spot music therapy if prescribed by a music therapist or to test the waters picking songs and watching the patient for reactions.  For Baby Boomers it a perfect way to chart songs that have a personal meaning to you, so that if music therapy is considered later in life it will be easier to introduce since its included in your care directives.

Professional Care Version

Both of the professional versions of the app are designed for multiple patients to be included in one app.  This means you can use the same app to develop a patient playlist and test it for more than one person.  Various caregivers attending to a patient can exchange the playlist.  This is also the perfect way for a Music Therapist to send playlist they create for music therapy.  Since the playlists resides in the code changes made by Music Therapists or administrators are automatically updated to those caregivers with daily interactions with the patients.


Ease of Use...

This app on the phone is so much easier and precise to administer therapeutic solutions to patients then finding a locating a specific song on an MP3 player of CD.  Available 2020.