Our Approach

The Memory Jukebox App allows a caregiver to targets 13 memory/song combinations, two for each one of the six desired music responses, and a final one for their all-time favorite song. The purpose of a music memory is simple; it’s a lead in to a patient conversation that will hopefully invoke a desired positive response by the caregiver or family.

Example:  Your patient has a happy remembrance of their wedding some 50 years ago.  You play the patients favorite wedding song, “Only You” by The Platters.  Once the music memory is played, it hopefully causes an improvement in mood, reduces anxiety or starts a positive two-way conversation with the patient by jarring a pleasant memory from the past.  The caregiver or family member then asks,  "Tell me about your wedding day?"

Only after extensive listening and observations can a personalized music strategy be created that reflect the patients preferences.  It also must be realized that a play list might change as the patient progresses thru each of the seven the stages of the disease adding further complexity to relief received from music therapy.


Our Story

I discovered the positive therapeutic results of music therapy numerous times visiting my 93 year-old grandma with mid stage Alzheimer’s and my 91 year-old Aunt with full blown Dementia. This was my grandma’s younger sister, whom her mother said on her deathbed, to take care and look after. Normally my grandma sat an hour each visit with little no response from her sister who was confined to a wheel chair. It was painful to see my grandmother, not being recognized, by her sister. We had made a music CD of my Grandma’s favorite Polka songs, and the second anyone played them it for her, she started tapping her feet, dancing a little in her walker and out came happy memories of times past. Many times playing it, got her out of the blues of living in the home when you know you’ve outlived your body and were going to die there.

One day visiting my Aunt I grabbed a polka CD from my Grandmothers room for the long ride home where my Grandmother was usually depressed and irate that there was nothing she could do for her sister. As we approached the meeting room I noticed a CD Player, and ran back to the car thinking lets play my Grandma's favorite polka songs to make the hour pass more pleasantly. The sister who sat lifeless in a wheel chair came alive and for the first time in years of visits spoke, “Lil, we danced to this as kids.” She moved her hands and tapped her feet and smiled from ear to ear just like my grandmas response. It was the Beer Barrel Polka that got two sisters in sync, remembering Polka dances from their teenage years. This was one of the few times we left the sisters nursing home and returned to my grandma’s assisted center, happy before she passed.


Meet the Team

Charles is the owner of SMS Sender Corp , a company who designed this app and brought it to market.  It's one of 20+ apps that we offer to over 75 different industries, jobs and profession.  Nikki is an Activities Director specializing in Geriatric Care who I meet through care of my grandmother and was instrument in several music programs we attended.  Fahad is our lead developer that has helped make the app possible with his expertise in Firebase, a cloud database service, and streaming music technology.


Charles Kandutsch

Founder & CEO

SMS Sender Corp develops over 20+ apps targeting 75+ Markets.


Nicci K.

Industry Liasion

Geriatrics Specialist & Activities Director


Fahad S.


Firebase Android Programmer with Music Streaming Specialty

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