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Use of Funds:

We are nearly complete with design and testing of the app for Android as it moves thru beta testing.  The Funds we seek are to:

1.  Outsource the develop the product for the iPhone

2.  Develop a secure website to

A.  Collect PDF driven patient survey data market our product
B.  Utilize Music therapist to write up reports on collected quantitative and qualitative data

3.  Fund the test study of small group of patients and collect the test data through our system.

4.  Develop a method to share data to help Music Therapists, Caregivers and Families pick song that will offer therapeutic benefits to those suffering of Alzheimer's and Dementia.

5.  Produce Training Videos and and other instruction use materials for caregivers

6. Hire staff member as a liaison to those with question on surveys, make facilities knowledgeable them and to answer question of caregivers using the app.

Once the apps and website are done then we may seek additional funds and grants to help market, collect and place our service in the hands of caregivers and families of Alzheimer patients.